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What are Free slots?

Online slots are known as regular online slots that you can play at any online casino. You can see the providers has a lot of development released with a lot of mechanics and excellent graphics. So, free online slots are just the free versions of these games. These free slots are offered for free at online casinos, or at game providers. When you start experiencing these free slots you get free credits given to you for joining the game. However, this is just virtual credit and you cannot withdraw after playing. Then, what you get when paying free slots? 

Since these free slots no download are completely free and do not require a login, it is a perfect way for new players to learn how slots work and explore all the features and coins. reward.

In this article, we will present the basic and necessary knowledge and these free slots, so that new players can play this game with confidence and understand the meaning of free slots to save them money to test these games.

The Early Beginnings Of Slots

Going back to the birth of these slot machines, the first slot machine was introduced in 1891. This was the first version of the slot machine, so the shape and mechanism are also somewhat different with the present version. This first version was released by a company called Sittman and Pitt, this slot machine uses actual playing cards and 5 mechanical drums to operate.

Liberty Bell

Not long after that, there were more advanced versions of this slot, specifically in 1985, an entrepreneur named Charles Augustus Fey created a slot machine that automatically distributed payouts to customers. player.

This is a new and big step forward in the slot machine, this slot machine is known as the Liberty Bell. Players do not need to insert cards, instead can use alternative symbols such as Bells, Cherries … and other popular fruits. These symbols are still found in current online slots and are known as classic slots.

The birth of the electromechanical slot machine

After Liberty Bell was born for a few years, it was banned from operating throughout the United States. It wasn’t until 1964 that the world of slots really started to change in the year when a company called Bally released the first electromechanical slot machine, called Money Honey. Bally Gaming is one of the known slot machine builders that are still active today.

In this version, players do not have to use any physical cards but instead video graphics such as winning symbols to show the outcome of a spin.

In the 70s and 80s, more and more slots were born and were widely promoted in the gambling city – of Las Vegas. As time goes on, the slot machines are upgraded in quantity and quality, and new bonus rounds are added.

Where can you play all the latest and greatest free slots?

As we have mentioned above, free slots can be found in casinos or their providers. However, the list that you can find in these two places will not be diverse as you can only play games from one provider or play the free slots that that casino offers. The solution here is that you should play at a third party like CasinoMentor to be able to find all slots from all providers. CasinoMentor is known for having the best slot machines and free games. Here you will find thousands of great free online slots with no download or registration required.

In addition to offering demos, CasinoMentor’s team of expert reviewers gives you a thorough breakdown of all you need to know about playing and winning at our top-rated casinos, with a great free slot machine bonus.

If you are wondering which free casino slot games to play, CasinoMentor is your ideal destination.

CM team is committed that these online slots are always released monthly and will be reviewed and listed. In order for players to be able to play the most attractive games to hit online casinos in recent times.

Why should gamblers play free slot machines?

Many of our readers have wondered why a casino offers free games. In fact, this is how these companies advertise their games to the market and are known by many players. Playing for free, while it takes your time, has a lot of benefits that you should consider playing for free before playing for real money. We list them below:

Use free games to gain experience

If you are a new player at an online casino, you need to get your hands on a few tricks before you can engage in real money play and bet like those of experienced players.

Gaining experience doesn’t cost you any single penny and you don’t have to worry about making a few mistakes as it’s all about learning and before long, you’ll be playing like a pro. From there you can control your gambling and understand the game modes, and payouts of any online slots.

Use free games to reduce gambling addiction symptoms

Although most of us understand that gambling addiction is largely due to the psychological feeling of winning or losing. But the free slots versions are designed with features for real gambling experiences. This is also seen as a solution for gamblers to reduce cravings when trying to get rid of gambling addiction.


Free slots are one of the gifts that providers have brought to players. New players should take advantage of these demos to minimize the risks of playing at online casinos.

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